Finding Happiness

How to be happy in life? Most of the times people question to themselves and to the others…..but let me tell you that happiness is not anywhere else it in fact is inside you only and to which we call peace is also inside you only! Now you will ask how? See, for example you buy any article and you really like that article a lot and it gives you immense pleasure but it is not necessary that the same article is liked by any other person as well and give him that same amount of pleasure as it gave to you! Now…that means this happiness, peace and pleasure is not in anything or in any other person but inside you only…..because had it been in any other thing or any other person then they would’ve gave same kind of peace and pleasure to everyone, isn’t? 

You only have relied your peace and happiness upon any other thing or any other person…surprising, isn’t but true! Don’t run after happiness as it is within you…As they say, Happiness is like a butterfly…the more you chase it, the more it will elude you.”Hey…you are a treasure of joy and happiness yourself! Let me tell you one more thing; share this treasure of joy & happiness which you have inside you with others as well. Do something good for others so that they may become happy…..

The nature is calling you! Share this joy and happiness with every person, animal, trees-plants…spread it to every bit of this nature. When everyone will laugh out with joy & pleasure then your life automatically will be filled with happiness…..Try to do it because joy doubles when you share it with others.

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