Bidding Adieu- Udaipur!

Good Morning Wonder fulls!!! Hope you’ve had a nice sleep and here I am to make your morning super with my Udaipur series!

I had decided earlier only that I will not keep any plan for the last day, so I got ready in the morning to just roam around in the city to observe their daily life and stuffs like that. After having my breakfast, I decided to walk and go without my cab and also decided to use public transport. I observed that the life in Udaipur is to a larger extend depends on tourism. Right in the morning only, different people who call themselves “Guides” offer their services to you to help you visit the city in a more appropriate way. Then there are the shopkeepers who get ready quickly for the customers and specially keeping in mind the tourists….

I would like to mention here about the emporiums, the state emporium. If you want to buy something for yourself or souvenirs, gifts for your friends and family, then this would be the appropriate place for you.They will offer you best articles at the right price and also you can bank upon the quality offered.I too bought some Rajasthani traditional clothes, articles made out of wood and beautifully decorated, marble statue. You can buy many things from there as all of the stuff which is offered is very attractive, colorful and traditional which will tempt you, am sure!

I had words with some of the people who are working to preserve the Rajasthani culture and folklore. They told me that the traditional things and culture is vanishing away slowly and steadily. People just come here and enjoy the beautiful folk dance and traditional rituals and go back but they don’t know about the problems they are facing. I felt that there is a strong need of support and help. I also got to witness that famous dance of Rajasthan. There were two boys who were singing and dancing with an innocent smile on their faces but I could easily make out the sadness in their eyes…..its really sad that in their age of reading and studying they were forced to earn their living by this and also I saw small girls and women having this as their profession….

It was time for me to say goodbye to Udaipur but my heart was saying no…but as they say life moves on and so do we…In the evening, I checked-out of my hotel and reached the airport. While there, there were mixed thoughts in my mind…..I got reminded of all the beautiful moments I spent there and in moments I flew away back….leaving this beautiful and mystic land of Palaces, Forts, Prince, Kings, Royalty and Colors……Bid Adieu Udaipur!


Image                                                                                                                Rajasthani Folk Dancers

Image                                                     Beautiful Puppet Dance


Image                                                                                                                 The Famous Ghoomar-Dance


*Note: Friends, I hope you must have liked my experiences of Udaipur in these series. I will come up with some more of the interesting posts, so keep reading!


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