Morning Raga

Most of the time I think that people only live just unanimously…like I mean to say without having their say…Yesterday I was observing a maid who comes in our colony to work in the houses…I was observing her, she was working in the house which is right in front of mine, she was having a sad expressions on her face and was just in a hurry to finish off her work…suddenly she picked up the mop and started mopping the floor, then washed the clothes and then straight into the kitchen…After sometime she came out with a cup of tea in her hand and sat on the floor to have a sip and then went off to another house….I at times think these people who work for us like the maids, and daily wages worker who build our houses what goes on into their mind when they work for us…maybe they used to think that when we are going to build our house or when I will be having that much money to send my child in a good school and get quality of education….but most of the time their dreams remain dreams!

This thought fills some sadness at the same time hope in mind that if we all work for this section of the society our little bit only then they would be able to get at least some % of what they would’ve thought…Isn’t? 


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