City of Lakes-Udaipur Part-I

I was really excited to visit Udaipur as I have a special inclination towards Royalty & Rajasthan is actually the land of Royals in India. Its like a complete package of bright colors, big palaces, Kings & Queens and Royal family, Camels, forts and yes not to forget the yummy Rajasthani cuisine which includes Daal-Baati, Mirchi ka salan, Kadhi-Pakoda & Mawa-Kachori (ummmm….mouth-watering!! I still remember the taste) So back to Udaipur…

Well it was my first visit to any Rajasthani City so I was pretty excited to visit it. It is in the month of January when I decided to relish this beautiful city and took an Indian Airlines flight and flew to this Royal city….As I landed over there, I felt a kind of attachment to it. Well, as I was quiet tired though not much I straight away went into my hotel and checked-in to get fresh to check-out Udaipur in the evening! I first of all visited the Fatehsagar lake which is quiet big and it was a treat for an eye….I was walking alongside the lake and cool breeze was flowing and passing by as if welcoming me…I sat in a motor-boat and there was a kind of island you can say in the middle of this lake and the boat dropped me on to that island which was full of greenery-plants-bushes and benches. I spent almost half-an-hour over there and then went back to the boat which again dropped me back to the platform. Since, it was the evening time…I was now feeling very hungry & I decided to taste some of the Rajasthani delicacies and I found this simple looking restaurant-cum-shop and ordered a Rajasthani thali (yummy). Now the best part comes to describe this yummy thali. This thali was comprised of….(since I am a pure vegetarian person so I had ordered veg thali, well mostly you’ll find veg.thalis in Rajasthan but yes there are lots of promising options for non-vegetarians like lal-maans etc.) So back to the Thali it was comprised of 2 curries ( gutte ki sabzi another one I forgot the name), then there was Kadhi-pakoda, 1 mirchi-vada, Guwar fali ka saag, Pooris, papad, pickle and in sweet dish there was cool-cool Rabri (a sweet made out of milk in India). My experience was awesome. 

After treating my taste-buds I went on to a local market to treat my style-bud means my favorite thingy..Shopping!! I checked-out some local Rajasthani outfit shops and bought 2-3 outfits with mirror-work and bandhej work (this is quiet famous in Rajasthan). Shopping made me a bit tired and it was time for me to go back to the hotel and take a nice sound sleep to be fresh enough to check-out the rest of the Udaipur…..

*Note- My next blog will include the second day of my Udaipur visit which will include my experience of visiting Palace and forts for the very first time, so don’t forget to check it out! Image Just a glimpse of a Rajasthani Thali. Image                                                       Fatehsagar Lake


Image                                                                                                           Local shop 



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