Lights ! Camera !……..Education !

As we move on in this busy bizarre world….full of hustle-bustle , we find a lot more news coming up about the education sector. Having said that, I would like to tell you that there is coming up a lot more new world of education ! Gone are those days when after listening to the word “education” a boring picture used to come in our minds ; with a child carrying a bag full of books forcefully…….Now the time has changed and there is a lot more in education other than just books to study……!! 

People are getting keen to give their child an extra-excellent educational environment , they not only want their child to become an engineer or a Pilot but they want their child to be an all-rounder ! They have understood the stream of the competition for the generations to come and hence want their child to fight the battle smartly . With these requirements of the parents, schools have also pulled-up their socks to offer the best to their clients/parents. Competition has started between the institutions to offer better than the best and before anyone else ! The schools and institutions are offering value-added services to the parents now ; they are offering facilities like golf-training, horse-riding and foreign language classes to add up to the charm and novelty of their institution ! Smart-classes with projector and lesser home-work for kids is another offer being given to the thirsty parents ! Many of the institutions are also working over the personality development of their students through different activities – be it dramatics or providing coaching for their favorite sport  and last but certainly not the least , the transportation facility and classrooms ; all are going centrally air-conditioned in order to save children from sweat and pollution ! 

Good approach…..but my personal view is that in the marathon of offering value-added services , the quality of education is somewhere lagging behind. Also, by keeping children safe from dust and sun we are somewhere not letting them to face the actual position of the world….we are actually creating “a whole new world” for them which is keeping them away from the real world. I hope, in the coming years people may understand the value of “Reality” and make their kids learn about that first.Image


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